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About Us

Amarnath Mishra & Associates

(Amarnath Mishra Group)

 We have been involved in supplying a comprehensive range of Indian Rose Water, Traditional Indian Attar, Indian Perfume Oil and many other Floral Waters.

Our Floral Waters and Attars are carefully crafted via steam distillation of flowers using the traditional "Deg" & "Bhapka" technique.

Being a part of Amarnath Mishra Group we share the same values and philosophy and provide customers with highest quality products while still being affordable and accessible to all.

Our craft has been refined over generations and the products are a result of years of work and research.

We are synonymous in the industry when it comes to providing high quality, natural floral and herbal products.

With this new E-commerce store we aim to reach out to every corner of the country and have partnered with leading delivery and secure payment providers to provide a seamless E-commerce experience for all our customers

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