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A 1000 year old method

The attars and waters (hydrosols) are crafted in aged copper vessels called Deg (Kettle) or Still and Bhapka (Receiver).

The Deg & Bhapka system is based on hydro-distillation technique.

Deg Bhapka


The Process

Sourcing the flowers

It all begins with the most important ingredient i.e the flowers, roots are all sourced directly from farmers.

We source the best available flowers, handpicked by farmers at dawn.

The flowers have to be picked the right way and at the right time to prevent any damage to the plant.

After picking, the flowers have to be brought to the distillation unit right away before they damage/rot

The distillation begins early morning soon after the flowers are picked and brought into the the distillation unit.

1.  The Deg (Still) is filled with flowers/plant material, and sits on top of a traditional furnace (Bhatti)

2. The lid of the Deg is then sealed shut using clay

3. A bamboo pipe called Chonga connects the Deg (Still) to the Bhapka (Receiver)

4. The Bamboo pipe (Chonga) carries steam vapours to the Bhapka (receiver) 

5. The Bhapka (receiver) is kept semi-submerged in water to remain cool as the steam vapours condense inside.

Deg Bhapka Process.jpg

Collecting the distillate

The distillate is collected and poured again in the Deg, this process is repeated till desired concentration/fragrance of attar/essential oil is achieved.

The rest of the fragrant Floral/Herbal water obtained is treated and filtered to ensure it is free of any unwanted particles.

Our state of the art manufacturing unit in Kannauj combines traditional steam distillation manufacturing with the modern technology to ensure the product is 100% pure and safe to use

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